Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to enter the awards?

Nothing, entry is free.

What period do these awards relate to?

Unless otherwise stated in the specific subject criteria, the judges will be looking for outstanding examples of best practice during the 2018-19 academic year.

We will accept submissions based on projects, initiatives or endeavours that commenced prior to the 2018-19 academic year, provided that core achievements have taken place during this main period of focus. We will also accept any evidence that has come to light after the close of the 2018-19 academic year if this further underlines success.

Can we enter more than one category?

You may enter as many categories as you wish, but you must complete a separate submission for each category.

Can we enter the same submission in more than one category?

No, please choose the most appropriate category for each entry. If you are unsure which category to choose, please contact .

Can an institution enter more than one project/team in a single category?

Yes, if the entries are distinctive and unrelated you may submit more than one. Otherwise, it is advisable to combine the best elements in a stronger single entry.

Can we enter more than one individual in a single category?

Yes, if the category recognises an exceptional individual, you may enter as many as you wish from your institution.

How will I know that my submission has been received?

Once you have submitted your entry you will receive an email confirming your institution name, the nominee and the category you have entered. This email will also contain a nomination ID number that will be used in future THE Awards 2020 correspondence relating to your entry. If you do not receive your confirmation email, please contact .

Who can enter?

The awards are open to anyone involved in UK higher education. Entries can be completed by institutions themselves or their suppliers (architects, PR companies, etc.). If you are entering on behalf of an institution, please make sure it is happy for you to do so.

Some institutions now insist on all awards submissions going through a centralised process, but if this is not the case at your institution, we would still ask that potential entrants make their senior management and marketing teams aware that they are making a submission.

Are collaborative entries accepted?


Institutions working together
If your entry relates to an initiative or project carried out in collaboration with other institutions, the submission should come from the lead institution. In such cases, please enter “ <University name> in collaboration with <University name> ” or, in cases where the institutions are working together under a project title, " <project name (the universities of x, y and Z)> ", in the ‘Institution name’ field on the entry form.

If there is no lead institution, to avoid multiple entries for the same project, please agree who will make the submission on behalf of the group.

Institutions working with public or private partners
If your entry relates to a collaboration with an external organisation who you would like to credit, please enter " <Institution name>, in collaboration with <organisation name> " , in collaboration with " in the ‘Institution’ field on the entry form .

When does the website open for entries?

The morning of Friday 1 May 2020 .

When is the closing date for entries?

Midnight on Wednesday 10 June 2020 . Deadline extension: 23.59 Monday 15 June 2020.

How do I enter?

Please read our Entry guidelines first, and then click ‘Enter now’ at the top of the page.

When will I find out if we have been shortlisted?

Shortlists will be published in our magazine and on our website on Thursday 10 September 2020 .

How are the entries judged?

A distinguished panel of experts will meet to choose our winners.

Can I get feedback on my entry?

As much as we’d like to offer feedback on individual submissions, this is unfortunately not feasible because of the high number of entries.

When are the winners announced?

This year’s winners will be announced online at our awards ceremony.

What is the programme for the evening?

To be confirmed 

Who should I contact if my question has not been answered above?

If you have queries relating to the categories, criteria, eligibility for entry, or anything relating to the content of your submission, please contact .

For any queries relating to the awards evening (purchase of tickets, attendance. etc.) and any other general questions, please contact .